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I have been working on making an archive of videos on the youtube platform.  As youtube is censoring some of their top contributors, and reducing the earning potential of those who do not fit into their political circle, I have realized how my content that I have worked on for over one decade on youtube is not safe.
With people like Steven Crowder with Louder with Crowder, more on this from a recently blog that I wrote about the censorship of conservatives on most of the largest social media communities on the internet.

I wanted to post a link to the archive that I am building at the Internet Archive @

With more updates and collections from my other social media channels @

Veracity Life is going to become the brand of our media with our many different websites and media pursuits.

We have been working under  Gold Creek Enterprises LLC @  Clovis Star Media, but we have no goals and a new mission statement and with that we are establishing a new brand

The channels that fall under this brand are as of now;

Sensi Life (Blog Talk|

xCannabis (.com |.net | Blog Talk Radio)

Clovis Star  (Opinions)


Utah Pirate Radio

Behind (the) Zion Curtain (my autobiography – This Ragged Life Renewed by Ryan Richard Thompson)

Clovis Tribe

Film Craze

Soon I will complete and add more to this list.

We are also adopting a few new platforms.

The beginning of our archive starts here;


Veracity Life Intro Image
Veracity Life Intro Image

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