Can Lies Be Measured ?

Since the 1920’s lie detection technology has been evolving in technology, rather than brutality.  In history torture was the common lie detection technique.
But in the 20th century, and for a very short time, technology has replaced torture, and now polygraph technology is even allowed in court as an authentic measurement of truth.
However like all technology, lie detection technology is rapidly improving.   Similar to how with the automobile and the combustion engine in the late 1800s, it was not long after that humans were flying airplanes, and not long after that that humans were leaving the atmosphere.   Useful technology tends to advance quickly in our society, and the same is true for lie detection technology.
In recent years, there have been a variety of different types of lie detection algorithms used in technology that have been developed by the military, insurance companies, and scientists just for scientific curiosity.

Can you imagine a world without hidden agendas, deception, fake politicians, lying family members?   If it was so easy to catch liars in their craft, there would be so much less wasted time and energy in this world.

Yes lies can be measured to answer the question, below is a list of measurement tools to weigh truth in many different ways.

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