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There is a lot of interest in lie detection, polygraphs and related technology since the conception of the lie detector in the early 20th century.  It has not even been 100 years since the first polygraph was created.  So there is a lot to be advanced in this technology.  It seems that many companies are coming out and trying to capitalize and the concept of lie detection, and a few are even making progress.   I have found a collection of material that I plan to publish on a regular basis to sort this kind of thing out, in hope to further interest and draw in more intelligent minds to work on this technology.  Imagine a world that is void of lies and deception.   I think everyone can empathize with that on some level.  Then imagine the market demand for a consumer product such as this.  The demand could be endless.

This is information that I found about a  “Voice Stress Evaluation Software program Cost-free, Voice Stress Analysis”

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This is a semi new concept, similar to “the truster” that I recently purchased for testing.  See more information below.


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Now an experimentalist has anything to appear for! If gluons exist, we must see events in which we have not two, but three jets designed in electron-positron collisions. Due to momentum conservation, these three jets ought to also all lie in the very same plane (known as the event plane”) and if the gluon has sufficient energy, the 3 jets need to be properly separated,” or the angles among the jets are massive.

From these event displays you can see the grouping of charged & neutral tracks (the solid & dotted lines in the photos) in 3 regions of the JADE detector. Notice how the tracks are clustered, we say they are collinear.” The reason they are appear collinear is because when a quark/gluon hadronizes, the hardonization process have to conserve momentum. The particles produced from hadronization have to travel in the identical direction as the original quark/gluon. Then since of this collinear behavior the tracks group together to form jets. Notice also how the jets are no longer back-to-back, but are well separated from each and every other (as anticipated).

The seller of a item or service might advertise untrue information about the item or service in order to achieve sales, specially by competitive advantage. Several countries and states have enacted consumer protection laws intended to combat such fraud. An example is the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act that holds a seller liable for omission of any material truth that the purchaser relies upon.

In one particular MacGyver episode ‘Slow Death’, MacGyver assists the Indian tribesmen by improvising a polygraph to weed out the crooked medical doctor. This is created possible by employing an analog sphygmomanometer to monitor blood pressure adjust, and an electronic alarm clock to detect sweat. To test its reliability, MacGyver asked a passenger on the train a handful truth meter of ‘placebo’ inquiries. The culprit was only discovered when he was trying to hide his crime, hence his sweat triggered the alarm clock and blood pressure climbed up.

Tell the volunteer to say, I adore to ________ (fill in the blank with the 1st word the volunteer wrote down in the list of things that he or she loves to do). This will be a truth. As the volunteer says the phrase, press down on the volunteer’s arm. Apply steady, constant stress. It is not required to force it all the way down if you can’t. You are just attempting to get a sense of the resistance, or how tough it is to push down.

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